Newspaper review: Papers condemn Franco-British row

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Media captionA look at the first editions of the UK papers

The row over Paris's unflattering assessment of Britain's economy features in many of the UK newspapers.

The Independent says it has brought relations to their "lowest ebb in years".

But the Times says it is part of the froth being thrown up by the storm in the eurozone and washing up against the UK's own struggling economy.

The Sarkozy government's "bad-mouthing" is aimed at deflecting attention from its own travails, the paper says.

'Gallic pique'

The Daily Mail accuses French ministers of throwing fits of Gallic pique.

For the Daily Mirror the cross-Channel bust-up would be funny if it was not so tragic . It calls for statesmanship rather than petty squabbling.

For the Financial Times , a Franco-British war of words may offer some release for the two nations but it says they will not profit from it.

It urges ministers on both sides of the Channel to "think before shooting from the lip".

Panic Saturday

The papers are describing today as "panic Saturday" - what's likely to be the busiest shopping day of the year.

The Express says customers are expected to spend £1bn as they rush to finish their Christmas gift-buying.

But the Mail reports that sales are likely to be down by around 5% on the equivalent Saturday last year, as families are cutting back.

The Mirror has a "panic Saturday survival guide". Its tips include: plan ahead and start early.

Strictly Come Dancing

The finalists of Strictly Come Dancing are on several of the front pages - and the final show of the series makes the lead for the Mirror and the Daily Star.

The Star says it is set to be one of 2011's biggest TV events . The Mirror says the live TV final "could be scuppered" by snow and gales.

The Times prepares to wave a "regretful goodbye" to the series.

But for one more night at least, it says, it is the best family entertainment on television by a mile.

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