Newspaper review: White House display splits press

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Media captionA look at the first editions of the UK papers.

Perhaps it was Barack Obama's "gushing tribute", as the Guardian puts it , to the wonders of the Anglo-American "special relationship" that did it.

But the Daily Mail suggests Samantha Cameron got caught in the moment on the White House lawn and gave her husband "an enthusiastic pat on the bottom".

The gesture was captured on camera and is duly reproduced in many papers.

Meanwhile, fashion editors were busy, with the Mail concluding Mrs Cameron beat Michelle Obama on style.

PM 'radiant'

The Sun's Trevor Kavanagh sees the Anglo-American relationship as far from equal but still precious.

For the Daily Telegraph's sketchwriter, the relationship went into overdrive , Mr Cameron - hair in a puffy bouffant - looking "as radiant as a young bride".

The Independent complains the visit was "more ceremony than substance", suggesting a German or Chinese leader would be received more seriously.

However, the Daily Mirror dismisses the whole trip as "a pointless PR jaunt".

Syria emails

Over five pages, the Guardian reports details of emails suggesting Syria's President Assad was advised by Iran on handling the uprising against his rule.

It says the emails show the president and his wife Asma still living in luxury, spending £10,000 on candlesticks, tables and chandeliers from Paris.

The Times comments on the story, saying the emails reveal the presidential family "living in a privileged bubble".

As they were sent, Syrian forces used mortars to smash opponents, it notes.

'Dusty tomes'

Several papers preview The Making of Harry Potter studio tour at Leavesden, Herts, which opens this month.

The Times lists attractions, including a nine-foot scale model of Hogwarts.

Some exhibits take away a little of the mystique. Dumbledore's dusty tomes turn out to be leather-bound telephone directories, the Daily Telegraph says.

But you don't need a spell or password to gain admission - just deep pockets - says the Mail , with a ticket for a family of four costing £83.

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