Duchess of Cornwall meets The Killing's Sofie Grabol

The Duchess of Cornwall has visited the set of Danish TV series The Killing, and met actress Sofie Grabol who was in her trademark Faroe Island jumper.

Camilla, who had requested the visit as part of her eight-day tour of Scandinavia with Prince Charles, said she was an "addict" of the show.

The duchess watched the shooting of the third series on a monitor.

And she was given the ultimate souvenir - a cardigan version of the knitwear worn by Grabol's character Sarah Lund.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles and Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik visited a carbon-neutral kindergarten and an activity centre for the elderly near Copenhagen.

'It was me'

The Killing - Forbrydelsen, or The Crime, in Danish - has won a Bafta award and received an Emmy nomination.

The film set is just outside Copenhagen, with the scene based at a rundown car scrapyard where the show's detectives were looking for a witness.

Camilla, accompanied to the set by Denmark's Crown Princess Mary, met the crew and cast.

The duchess seemed fascinated by the replica gun used by Grabol, who plays lead character Sarah Lund, asking if it was a toy or if it was real. It was then handed over to her so she could try it out for herself.

Grabol told her: "It is just a toy gun. It weighs nothing."

As Camilla waved the gun, she joked: "It was me all along."

The duchess was presented with a cardigan version of the Sarah Lund classic, tied up with black ribbon.

"It's fantastic," she said, while Grabol gave it a feel and joked: "It's nice and soft. Why is it much softer than mine? It's a better one."

The duchess handed the gift to an aide, saying: "Do not lose it."

The series creator, writer Soren Sveistrup, who met the couple on Monday at a reception hosted by the British ambassador, said: "Royalty is not the kind of audience you would expect. Prince Charles told me that it was Camilla who introduced him to The Killing.

"He said it was one of the only things they could agree on seeing together."

But he revealed something that will disappoint the duchess - this 10-episode series of The Killing will be the last.

He said: "We have to stop while we are still good. We don't want to repeat ourselves."

Pink bikes

The prince and duchess then flew to Jutland, to visit VIA University in Horsens.

They were shown refurbished, abandoned bikes which had been painted bright pink, to match the colour of the leader's jersey in the Giro d'Italia bike race.

Camilla said of one of the 100 bikes: "I had a bicycle like that. It's lovely."

Charles pointed to another bike with no wheels, and said: "This is more like yours."

The bikes will be used by delegates at the EU summit when it is held at the university next month.