Knobs, dials and crackles

From sleek futuristic fashion statements, to sturdy wooden cases emitting warm acoustic tones - there is something about vintage radios that reminds us of the technological advances of the past.

To mark its move back to Broadcasting House this year, BBC Radio 4's Today programme is producing a limited edition, digital radio - sold to raise money for Children in Need. Aspiring UK designers - and listeners with a touch of creative flair - are being encouraged to submit designs.

For inspiration, reporter Nicola Stanbridge went to look at one of the country's largest private collections of vintage radios.

For a design brief email writing TODAY RADIO DESIGN in the subject box. Closing date for entries is Friday 11 May.

Audio by Nicola Stanbridge. Archive images courtesy Getty Images.

Slideshow production by Paul Kerley. Publication date 5 April 2012.


Design Museum - London

Lisson Gallery - London

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