Newspaper review: Papers discuss NoW hacking report

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Media captionA look at the first editions of the UK papers

With MPs due to give their verdict on the phone- hacking scandal at the News of the World, some papers are confident they know what will be in their report.

The Guardian and the Times both say the former chairman of News International, James Murdoch, will face criticism from the Culture, Media and Sport Committee.

But, they predict, the MPs won't accuse him of misleading parliament.

The Daily Mail says members of the committee were divided about how much James Murdoch was to blame.

Energy bonuses

The Sun is angry that as fuel bills have soared over the past two years the energy watchdog, Ofgem, has paid its staff more than £1m in bonuses.

The figure's been obtained through a parliamentary question by the shadow energy minister Caroline Flint.

She tells the paper: "Hard-pressed families and pensioners struggling to make ends meet will be astonished."

In its leader column, the Sun accuses Ofgem of being "toothless" and calls the bonuses "stomach-turning".

New claims of torture by the regime in Jordan are reported in the Independent which says they throw the government's attempts to deport the radical preacher Abu Qatada into disarray.

Titanic ambition

The Daily Telegraph claims that government ministers want poor teachers to be paid less than their more talented colleagues.

The idea is said to be an effort to boost standards in schools.

The National Union of Teachers says the idea is "inappropriate and divisive".

The Daily Mirror reports that an Australian billionaire wants to build a near-replica of the Titanic.

Clive Palmer says the new vessel will be as luxurious as the original, but with the latest safety systems.

And a potentially deadly hairy caterpillar is spreading across England according to the Daily Mail.

It says oak processionary moth caterpillars have 63,000 hairs which can blow off in the wind and trigger asthma attacks, skin rashes and fever.

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