Newspaper review: Olympic Games security examined

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Media captionA look at the first editions of the UK papers

Reports that private security contractor G4S may not have enough trained staff for the Olympic Games are examined in Thursday's papers.

An accident waiting to happen is how one Whitehall insider, quoted in the Guardian, describes the news.

The Daily Telegraph says defence chiefs have complained angrily to Olympic organisers.

One officer tells the paper such security tasks are "demeaning to highly professional soldiers".

The unexplained death of one of Britain's richest women, Eva Rausing, prompts speculation and comment over countless column inches.

The Daily Mirror says before her death Mrs Rausing described her latest battle against crack cocaine in her blog.

The paper, in its front page headline , says Mrs Rausing may have been dead for a week before she was found.

Her wealth meant she was surrounded by well-connected drug sellers after leaving rehab, says the Independent.

A £75m donation to help poor students study in Oxford by venture capitalist Michael Moritz is reported widely.

The Independent calls him the acceptable face of capitalism.

Mr Moritiz's father, a refugee from Nazi Germany, was sustained by scholarships in his early life, according to the Financial Times.

And the Times says there could be no smarter investment than one into education, adding that the gift will produce fruits beyond calculation.

Under the headline, "snouts in the Olympic trough", the Daily Mail reports that several MPs have accepted free corporate tickets the men's 100m final.

It notes that ministers are banned from free trips but the committee chairman, John Whittingdale, gave BT permission to make the offer as the members had spent so long scrutinising the Games.

Chris Moyles is to stop hosting BBC Radio 1's breakfast show, reports the Sun.

The Daily Star reports that, at 38, he was deemed to be "too old" to host it.

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