Hackney council worker admits storing terrorist material

A council worker from east London has admitted storing 300 computer discs of terrorist material in his car and home.

Khalid Baqa, 48, who worked as a revenue officer for Hackney Council, had one of the discs in his office computer, the Old Bailey heard.

Baqa, of Priory Road, Barking, pleaded guilty to two offences of disseminating terrorist publications.

A further seven offences of having material likely to be useful in terrorism were ordered to lie on file.

He was remanded in custody for sentencing on 26 April.

The court heard the discs included al-Qaeda's Inspire magazine, 39 Ways to Support and Participate in Jihad and 42 Ways to Support Jihad, by Anwar al-Awlaki.

The charges related to the period between April and July 2012 when Baqa was arrested with a number of other suspects in the lead-up to the London Olympics.

Andrew Hall QC, defending, said Baqa was storing the material for someone else but was reckless as to whether it would then be distributed.