MI5 Spy 'out of control' after break-up, court hears

An MI5 spy, accused of sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend - a fellow spy - was "out of control" after she left him, a court has heard.

The defendant, using the false name Mark Barton in court for security reasons, allegedly followed the woman after a work party in August 2011.

She told the court Mr Barton then forced her back to his flat, before exhibiting "really crazy behaviour".

He denies sexual assault, two counts of assault and one of harassment.

The pair met at work in 2009 and started what the prosecution has called an "intense and passionate" relationship in 2010, but within a year the woman had ended it.

The complainant, referred to by her MI5 "pin number" 2363, told Southwark Crown Court that after following her from a work party, Mr Barton had lifted her off the Tube in a "bear hug" and forced her to return to his flat.

'Threatened and frightened'

Speaking from behind a screen, the woman said Mr Barton wanted to discuss their relationship and did not accept the romance was over.

"His behaviour continued to be out of control," she said. "He would roll around on the floor."

She recounted how he had said he "didn't understand" why she was doing it and how he asked: "Can't we just talk like adults?"

"I just shut off. I tried to reason but it didn't work.

"He was back rolling around the floor and thumping the floor," she said.

The woman said she had tried to leave but Mr Barton physically restrained her, throwing her into a cupboard.

She said she had locked herself in his bathroom, before staying the night as she had missed the last Tube home.

Five days later she agreed to meet Mr Barton in a cafe even though she did not want to, the jury heard.

She told the court he was behaving almost insanely, shaking his coffee cup, banging on the table and shouting.

"I started to feel threatened and frightened and wondered what I could do to sort the situation out," 2363 said.

"I began to feel like this might not stop. His behaviour was unpredictable."

The trial continues.

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