Prince Charles meets survivors of the Mumbai attacks

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The prince laid a wreath for victims of the deadly Mumbai attacks

Two hotel chefs who were shot in the 2008 Mumbai attacks have told their stories to the Prince of Wales.

Nitin Minocha and Raghu Deora were gunned down during an assault on the Taj Mahal Palace hotel.

The prince and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, met the pair as he laid a wreath in memory of the 30 guests and staff killed at the hotel.

More than 160 people died over three days when cafes and hotels in the city came under attack.

The royal couple are on the fourth day of a nine-day tour of India.

'Presumed dead'

Mr Deora, 39, told the prince he had been hiding in the first-floor kitchen along with a father and his son when a gunman discovered them and they were forced to lie face down in a corridor.

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Mumbai terror attack survivors Nitin Minocha and Raghu Deora next to a wreath laid by the prince
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Girls at the Asha Sadan children's home showed the Duchess of Cornwall some dance moves

He said: "He asked us our names, realised we were not the ones he was looking for and then shot all three of us with a spray of bullets.

"First they hit my leg and broke it, and the second went through the back of my stomach like a punch.

"The other two just couldn't make it and died in front of me. The gunman presumed I was dead."

His college friend and Taj colleague Mr Minocha said he had been thrown to the ground in a hail of gunfire while trying to help guests escape through a back entrance.

When he tried to stand up he was shot in the hand and has since needed nine operations to restore its full use.

'Take them home'

Meanwhile, the duchess visited the Asha Sadan (House of Hope) centre, which cares for mistreated children.

An aide said she had been particularly keen to visit the centre as it related to her work with victims of rape and sexual violence in the UK.

After seeing some of the centre's youngest children, she said: "You just want to scoop them all up in your arms and take them home."

The duchess also spoke to a group of girls about to take exams and others learning skills such as hairdressing and tailoring to prepare them for the outside world.

Later, they attended a dinner with Bollywood stars in support of of the prince's charity, the British Asian Trust.