Front pages: 'Gutter' Tories and Labour's cash 'crisis'

Independent on Sunday front page 24/11/13
Image caption Ed Miliband writes exclusively in the Independent on Sunday, saying David Cameron "demeans his office" with "fear and smear" tactics. The paper's main picture is of Frank Hewetson, one of the British Greenpeace activists recently freed from a Russian jail.
Observer 24/11/13
Image caption The Observer says the Labour Party is "facing a major financial crisis" after the beleaguered Co-operative Group told MPs it plans to "slash their funding". "Such a move would be a major blow for Miliband in the run-up to the general election," it writes, coming as it does after a 90% drop in funding from the GMB union.
Mail on Sunday 24/11/13
Image caption Another paper, another Labour story. The Mail on Sunday's is about former leader Tony Blair and claims about his friendship with Wendi Deng, the ex-wife of media mogul Rupert Murdoch. The MoS also says it has new pictures of former Co-op Bank chief Paul Flowers.
Sunday Express front page 24/11/13
Image caption The Sunday Express has an exclusive on the slavery story that has dominated the news agenda for several days. It claims to have the first picture of one of the women and a letter written by her "sent from captivity which reveals her fears and fragile mental state".
Daily Star Sunday 24/11/13
Image caption The Express's stablemate, the Daily Star Sunday, carries the same story about the woman allegedly kept as a slave in a London house. Elsewhere, it has a picture story on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here contestant Amy Willerton.
Sunday Telegraph front page 24/11/13
Image caption The Sunday Telegraph also leads with the slavery story that has shocked the country in recent days, focusing on information from the police about how two of the women met their alleged captors. The paper's big image is of Zara Philips who, it says, has set her sights on winning the Grand National.
Sunday Times front page 24/11/13
Image caption The Sunday Times follows the lead its sister paper took on Saturday with a story on immigration. It says David Cameron is "ready to defy Brussels by extending dramatically the length of time new arrivals have to stay in the country before qualifying for state hand-outs".

The Labour Party features on several of Sunday's front pages for a range of different reasons.

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