Selfie Day: Who do we think we are?

North Sea Diver Allan Robinson Image copyright Allan Robinson
Image caption Allan Robinson in the diving bell about to go to work at 150 metres on the bottom of the North Sea.

The BBC is exploring the notion of "Who do we think we are?" and we asked to see selfies of you with something or someone with whom you identify.

A survey for the BBC's Who Do We Think We Are? project, showed that many people in the UK feel a growing connection with others in their neighbourhood and the wider world, but shrinking ties with their own country.

Many BBC journalists posted their own selfies but you have also been getting involved. Here are some of yours:

Left: Steve Pickering: "Me on my way to Flamborough head on my paraglider, with South Landing behind me."

Right: Charice Gray: "Me and my giant Clydesdale horse, Commander."

Left: Wales Air Ambulance: "Our mascot Huw HEMS has been getting involved in ‪‎selfie day‬."

Right: Yorkshire Air Ambulance: "Lance not one to miss out on ‪selfie day‬! Poser."

Left: Keaton Stone, who works on the BBC's Stargazing Live and Sky at Night, took his selfie with the Large Hadron Collider.

Right: TV presenter Jake Humphrey took his selfie with a Lotus

Image copyright Garry Larkin

Selfie of Garry and Richard presenting a show on Hospital Radio Barnet

Left: Paul Sams: "Me up a tree giving it a trim. I am a self-employed gardener from Bristol."

Right: Geraint Jones: "Put in the simplest terms: Snowboarding makes me happy."

The BBC's weather team got involved.

Left: Peter Gibbs shows it's always selfie day at BBC Weather. No autocue, they just see themselves in the camera.

Right: Nick Miller managing to get both a front and back shot into a selfie.‬

Even the BBC News Channel's Nicholas Owen and Sophie Long got into the spirit.

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