Max Clifford victim says he was 'opportunist'

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Media captionClifford victim: "When I think of him, he makes me shudder"

One of Max Clifford's victims has told BBC News of her relief that "everybody will know the kind of man that he is".

Clifford, 71, has been found guilty of eight indecent assaults on women and girls.

Four of them were against the woman, who was 15 when he first assaulted her.

She contacted police after she saw Clifford talking to the media when the Jimmy Savile scandal came to light in 2012.

She gave an interview to the BBC following the publicist's conviction. Here's what she said:

On her 'nightmare'...

[I'm] so relieved and so pleased that justice has been done.

When I think of him he makes me shudder and he makes me feel ill.

Somebody who reinvented his persona and has been able to shield himself behind a cloak of respectability and fooled everybody.

He was an opportunist. He saw a vulnerable person and took advantage of somebody who was a child.

And it was awful, it was a nightmare and it had huge implications for me as a young person.

And to see him then go on to become very high profile, to speak openly about other paedophiles and damn them and create a persona of a respectable, high-profile man who was lauded by the media was sickening, to say the least.

On grooming...

[There was a] huge amount of grooming - and of my parents and my sister, which is the hardest part for me because my parents are both dead now.

On a letter she wrote to Clifford years later...

I awarded him A-plus in grooming children.

I felt, obviously, very strongly when I wrote the letter and it said everything that I wanted to say to him.

And it was very difficult to learn that he'd kept that letter and it had obviously given him some kind of pleasure and that's why he held on to it.

That's still very difficult for me to live with, frankly.

On the police and the Crown Prosecution Service...

I can only applaud them [the police] for their endeavours, for their integrity, their time, the many hours I gave statements and I was interviewed, their thoroughness.

And the CPS for taking it forward to go to court. I think it's been very brave.

I know it's very difficult to prosecute historical allegations of sexual abuse and child sexual abuse so I'm sure it wasn't easy for them.

But I'm just so glad that they made the decision that they did.

On the jury...

I'd also like to thank the jury for being able to see through what must have been very difficult for them, given that he did so much to defend himself once he was arrested.

And [he] spoke to millions of people, denied the allegations, called us liars, called us fantasists, spoke of his family trauma, his nightmare and I was sceptical that a jury would forget that.

They have proved me wrong, thank goodness, and I want to thank them for their hours of deliberation and their integrity and intelligence for seeing through the charade.

On Clifford...

[He was] hugely powerful. I used to think 'who could be worse, who could be a more powerful figure'?

And I drew a blank on that, someone with such media coverage... who had the ability to defend himself so publicly.

And I worried that, once he was arrested, he would know who I was.

He knew who I was - he would be able to find me. And I feared for my safety and that of my family.

I feel thankful that we are where we are and he will be sentenced and that everybody will know the kind of man that he is.

And, hopefully, if there are more victims out there, and I'm sure that there will be, they have the courage to come forward.

Any people who've suffered as I have, have the power to come forward and report what has happened to them to the police.

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