Chris Denning victim: 'He seemed quite proud of abuse'

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Media captionFomer victim of Chris Denning tells his story

One of ex-Chris Denning's victims has spoken about the night he was sexually assaulted at the former BBC DJ's house. The man, who was abused in the early 1970s, spoke anonymously to the BBC's Daniela Relph. Here is his account in his own words:

[Warning: This report contains graphic details of sexual abuse]

It's had quite an enormous impact. Not being able to have relationships with the opposite sex, or bad ones, not being able to find relationships - I think it's a root of those problems. It's made me very withdrawn. I almost live like a hermit. I think it's had a tremendous impact.

Watching on the news, after Savile's death, all the hundreds of people coming forward saying 'this happened to me' and being believed made me come forward and say 'yes, this also happened to me'.

'I was impressed'

I [had] decided I wanted to run away to the New Forest. Half way through that journey I was travelling through London and a gentleman offered me a lift. He was very nice, very pleasant.

He said: "Well, if ever you're stuck," gave me his card with his telephone number on it, "give me a ring". My paper money ran out and my food ran out. I thought 'well what do I do now?', so I headed back to Weybridge and gave him a ring.

Image caption Denning was one of the original BBC Radio 1 DJs

One of the first things he did was show me his record collection, which I found fascinating. Two sides of the room were covered and he said: "For every one of these singles that aired on the radio, because I'm a record producer, I get a penny."

Then he took me to another side of the room and opened up a BBC annual and he said: "Look, that's me". I was impressed. I'd never met a famous bloke before.

I think I felt comfortable with him because he didn't seem an uncomfortable person to be with. He wasn't forceful. At that point Denning was just a normal guy who was helping me out. He seemed very, very sure about himself. He had a very nice house.

The first incident which I thought was a bit odd - more than odd - was when he said: "You need a shower". He took me into the shower, I took my clothes off and he showed me how the shower operated.

'He sensed I was worried'

He took his clothes off and started to help me shower. I'll never forget what he said, helping me wash myself with soapy hands: "You need to make sure you wash yourself properly down here." I was a very naive young man and... I just thought it was a not very pleasant experience.

After he helped me wash myself, we got out of the shower and I think he went off and started to make something to eat. He said: "It's time for bed now - would you like to come upstairs?" I thought he'd give me my own room to sleep in, but after the shower incident, I wasn't quite sure what was going to happen.

He took me to his bedroom and said: "I'll sleep on this side and you sleep on the other side." We were both undressed at that point - he started rubbing my shoulders and asking me if I was all right and did I like it? I said: "Well, yes." But I thought: "I want to go to sleep."

I was a bit worried about what he was going do and I think he sensed I was worried. He kept saying: "You all right? Everything's all right, everything's all right."

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Image caption Denning was jailed in Slovakia in 2008 for producing indecent images of children

His hands moved a bit further down and started to fondle with me where you wouldn't want to be fondled. He asked me if that was nice. There wasn't really much I could say about it at that point. I wasn't strong enough to punch him or jump out of the bed.

Then he changed position and performed fellatio on me. It's a bit hard to describe because it was the first sexual experience I'd had, being 14 years old and basically pre-pubescent.

Just after I ejaculated he seemed quite proud. I can't remember what he said but he said something to make me feel he was proud he was responsible for me losing my virginity.

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Image caption A UK court sentenced Denning in December 2014 for 13 years for abusing boys in the 1960s, 70s and 80s

I knew it was wrong, but I knew nothing about sex. I knew nothing about dirty old men. To me it was a not very pleasant experience but I had no idea of the repercussions, the terribleness of it. I had no idea. I was a kid, nothing like this had ever happened to me.

I didn't tell anybody. I didn't think I'd be believed. I was ashamed. And for 40 years, I've hidden away inside, I've kept this shame.

To now see Denning do a little bit of time for something he did to me as a child, I feel that's recompense and it does make me feel a little bit better.

I feel sorry for the silly old bugger. He's very ill. He's committed a lot of offences. But what goes around comes around, I suppose. It's an end to all this - of something I've hidden away inside for 40 years. It's finished. I've had my little bit of justice.

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