Four Royal Navy sailors bailed over Canada sex charge

Map showing where Shearwater is

Four Royal Navy sailors charged with sexual assault in Nova Scotia have been released on bail, court officials say.

They appeared at Dartmouth Provincial Court and bail conditions include a bond of 3,000 Canadian dollars (£1,645), CBC News has reported.

The incident allegedly took place in barracks at an air base at Shearwater, near Halifax, on 16 April .

The men, who were taking part in an ice hockey tournament, are charged with one count of sexual assault each.

The sailors must also surrender their passports and remain on the air base, according to the reported terms of their bail. The next court hearing is due take place on 27 May.

The men have been named as Craig Stoner, Darren Smalley, Joshua Finbow and Simon Radford, in a statement on the Government of Canada website.

The alleged victim is a woman not in the military, the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service has said.

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