#ImInWorkJeremy: NHS staff post weekend working photos

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Rod Hammett tweeted that he was in the middle of an 80-hour shift and still smiling

Some NHS employees have been letting Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt know in no uncertain terms what they are up to this weekend.

Health workers have taken to Facebook and Twitter where they have posted photographs of themselves at work using the hashtag #ImInWorkJeremy.

It comes after Mr Hunt said he was prepared to impose seven-day working on hospital consultants in England, saying there was a "Monday to Friday culture" in parts of the NHS.

One worker, named Erica P from Brighton, tweeted a photo of herself with a stethoscope, writing that she was working 13 hours on Saturday.

Sebastian Nixon, another NHS worker, tweeted that he was also at work on Saturday, saying: "Damn these lazy doctors and their extravagant weekends."

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In a reply to his critics, Mr Hunt also took to Twitter - and also used the #ImInWorkJeremy hashtag - saying he wanted to make the NHS "safer".

It comes as Mr Hunt this week said consultants' working hours were having "tragic consequences" for patients, with 6,000 people dying each year because of weekend restrictions.

"The problem dates back to 2003 when the then government gave consultants the right to opt out of working at weekends - that's a right that nurses don't have, midwives don't have, paramedics, ambulance drivers and so on don't have," he said.

Dr Mark Porter, from the British Medical Association, accused Mr Hunt of being "too simplistic".

And now NHS workers have attempted to deliver their own message to Mr Hunt.

Among them was Clovis Rau, a junior doctor, who tweeted he had been in work on Friday night - and "all of this week".

Mr Rau also referenced previous comments by Mr Hunt in 2013 when he warned that "coasting" within the NHS can kill.

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Jenny Hartley, a junior doctor working at Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey, tweeted she was working last weekend, this weekend and next weekend.

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Anna Farmer also posted a picture of her NHS photo card on Twitter, asking: "What day is it again?"

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Trainee doctor Faisal tweeted a photograph of himself on Saturday morning, saying he was in work with two consultants.

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Rachel Clark took a slightly different stance. She tweeted a picture of her five-week-old child along with a handwritten note saying: "My daddy, a registrar, is in work Jeremy. I miss time with him."

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Even Mr Hunt got in on the act tweeting his thanks to doctors who worked shifts on Saturday.

He said there was a need for modern contracts to make the NHS "safer".

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Image source, @Jeremy_Hunt

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