Queen Elizabeth: The many world leaders she has outlasted

Queen Elizabeth II is the UK's longest serving monarch - overtaking Queen Victoria's reign of 63 years, seven months and two days. When Elizabeth became Queen in 1952, Stalin was still leader of the USSR and Truman President of the US.

Since then Her Majesty has seen many notable statesmen and women come and go.

Queens of the modern age

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Image caption Elizabeth II has reigned for 63 years and seven months, matching Victoria's record
  • Queen Victoria was Elizabeth II's great-great grandmother
  • Victoria became queen at 18 while Elizabeth was 25
  • Elizabeth II rides in the same coach as Victoria did for the annual State Opening of Parliament
  • Both queens were shot at by lone gunman while out riding near Buckingham Palace
  • Elizabeth loves the private royal estate at Balmoral in Scotland, which was bought by Victoria
  • Victoria ruled over an empire of 400 million people. Elizabeth is head of state for 138 million people

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