Would you turn down a wonky vegetable?

Image copyright soozdumbleton
Image caption These carrots would never sell in the shop, but they tasted amazing, says Sooz Dumbleton

Asda has recently started selling "wonky" vegetables in its UK stores, a move which has prompted photos to spring up on social media.

The hashtag #WonkyVeg was one of the top trending terms discussed in the UK on Twitter.

Here is a selection of photos of some peculiarly shaped fruit and vegetables.

Matthew Powell shared this photo of a carrot seemingly on the move.

Image copyright @tentacleflood

"Gotta love nature! My son reckons it looks like either crossed fingers or it needs a wee!" Photo: Karen Bonnici.

Image copyright Karen Bonnici

Mike Rigby tweeted this picture of a squash that looked far from squashed:

Image copyright @mikesrigby

"Here is a little tomato gentleman with a moustache, grown by my dad, Ray Coppock. He has been growing vegetables for the last 50 years," says Anne Pettit.

Image copyright Anne Pettit

Jeremy Major: "This is an organic, home grown rude carrot".

Image copyright Jeremy Major

Campaigners from @UglyFruitAndVeg welcome the idea of wonky fruit and vegetables on sale in supermarket stores, and shared this picture of a smiling peach. Or is it an apple?

Image copyright @uglyfruitandvegcampaign

Sue from Bristol emails that we shouldn't overlook a vegetable because of its shape: "Please encourage shops to sell wonky veg. It's a crying shame to waste them."

Chris Austin, UK agrees with Sue: "I don't see a problem with wonky veg as once it's cleaned, cut up and cooked you wouldn't know the difference."

Compiled by Alison Daye

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