Royal fever has not descended on India

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge pose for a picture at Indian Gate Memorial in New Delhi Image copyright Getty Images

One Mumbai newspaper headline has declared "Royal couple charms crowds".

Images of a future king and queen demonstrating their sporting, competitive edge have proved irresistible to many British newspapers and broadcasters.

But such coverage doesn't mean that royal fever has descended on India.

Security concerns in the modern world mean that presidents and princes travel in a bubble, and only meet those who are invited and checked out in advance.

Those who have cleared those hurdles appear to have enjoyed the experience.

This after all is the son of Princess Diana and his wife. Hers is a name that still resonates.

And William and Kate are personable people capable of putting those they encounter at their ease. They'll continue to do this as they travel across India.

Some they meet will fall, briefly, under the spell of a royal meeting; but they won't cast a spell over the whole country.