'Now I won't think twice about term-time holidays'

By Rozina Sini
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The government says regularly missing lessons can harm pupils' chances of getting good qualifications

The news that a father has won a High Court ruling for taking his child on holiday during term-time has led to a huge response on social media.

Magistrates ruled that Jon Platt had no case to answer as, overall, his daughter had attended school regularly.

Campaigners say the case could redefine the way the law is applied in England.

People have taken to social media to comment on the result of the case.

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Joe Niinemae suggested parents of children with poor school attendance should be the ones penalised in future.

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BBC News website readers have also been commenting on the verdict.

Marianna Ali from London was fined last month for removing her two daughters from primary school.

"I am so happy with this result," she said. "I have just paid a £240 fine for taking my two daughters abroad for my brother's wedding.

'This result is amazing'

"They missed five days of term time at school. Before that their attendance was excellent.

"We were trying to fight it at the time and we had a meeting with the chair of governors but we were unsuccessful.

"I did all I could to resolve the situation but I was penalised. What should have been a happy and exciting time became stressful and emotional.

"The school only seemed bothered about the harm it might do to their outstanding classification.

"This result is amazing and now I won't think twice about removing my children for a few days if necessary."

But not everyone welcomed the verdict.

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Some people think tour operators should not raise their prices during school holidays.

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