Southern Rail chaos: Commuters video blog journeys

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Rail passengers are facing travel chaos as striking train drivers have caused the Southern network to stop all services.

About 300,000 passengers usually travel on 2,242 Southern services every weekday.

Many people have been forced to stay at home but some have tried to find alternative routes into work.

Frustrated by the continuing disruption, four passengers agreed to video blog their mornings.

'Thank you very much Southern'

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Phil Horton: "Southern trains have affected not just me, but my family too"

Phil Horton, 37, is from Caterham in Surrey. He works as a teacher in south London. Phil decided to drive through hours of traffic.

'Mobility scooter across London'

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Cori Burns, who uses a mobility scooter, recorded her journey from Hastings to Euston

Cori Burns, 63, is a singer, songwriter and a mobility scooter user. She was travelling to Nottingham but couldn't take her normal route to Kings Cross and had to drive her scooter across London.

'Need a coffee'

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John: "The thing I need more than anything else now is a cup of coffee"

John normally travels from Reigate, in Surrey, to work in central London. He has had to drive for half an hour to find another rail service.

'Six hour journey last night'

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Commuter Doug Craib says he has been forced to work from home

Doug Craib works for a small record label in Camden, north London. He normally travels in from Hove, on the Sussex coast, but has decided to try to work from home.