In pictures: Take your dog to work

image source, Sacheen Yadav
image captionBBC readers and viewers have been sharing photos of their favourite canines at work. Amber "is the pride and joy of the office and brings many smiles to my co-workers during the day," says Sacheen Yadav
image source, Alan Barber
image captionEllie keeps her owner Alan Barber company while he works in a fine furniture workshop in Bristol. However, those delicate ears need some protection!
image source, Tomasz
image caption"This is Ralphy - he's so cute," says Tomasz, who works in London. Ralphy has been coming to the office for three months and everyone loves him, including Tomasz' boss.
image source, Bernard Beaves
image captionBernard's dog Pippa mixes with all of his work colleague. "She helps ease the atmosphere in a busy office," he says.
image source, Bernard Beaves
image caption"She also makes me have a break and walk her round the block. So we both get exercise," adds Bernard.
image source, Tracey Partridge
image captionTracey's dog, Sampson, attracts a lot of interest with customers and passers by in Clacton-on-Sea. "He really is a star and is loved by everyone." she says.

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