'Stand-off' as missiles paraded in Pyongyang


The vast parade of military hardware in Pyongyang provides Sunday's papers with a way to illustrate the stand-off between the US and North Korea. The Sunday Express says the regime "taunted" the US with a "fearsome display of its military might".

image captionThe Mail on Sunday reports on the unveiling of a "deadly new array" of missiles at the parade - and North Korea's threats to annihilate the US "armada" of warships heading towards its coast.
image captionThe Sunday Times says the US has told the UK it has the firepower to neutralise North Korea's nuclear programme and may even launch a pre-emptive strike using conventional weapons to do so. The claims will be seen as an attempt to pile pressure on China to intervene, it says.
image captionThe Sunday Telegraph says the tensions rose to new levels with the unveiling of what could be a missile capable of striking the US mainland. Another story reports the tombs of five former archbishops of Canterbury have been unearthed by builders undertaking refurbishment work.
image captionThe Observer focuses on attacks on the government's education policies - reporting Labour analysis suggesting the flagship free schools programme is benefitting the least deprived areas. It also carries criticism of plans for new grammars by former schools minister David Laws.
image captionThe Sunday People leads with an investigation into the labs in China where the synthetic drug Spice - a former legal high - is being produced.
image captionCelebrity chef Jean-Christophe Novelli tells the Sunday Mirror of his torment as his fiancée was taken to hospital with a blood clot as he cared for his cancer-stricken son.
image captionThe Daily Star Sunday says footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has branded as "fiction" allegations in a German magazine that he raped a woman in 2009 and then paid her £300,000 to keep quiet.