#DogsAtPollingStations: Exercising paws and voting rights

Pic of dog at polling station Image copyright Milo Noblet

It's the British rite becoming synonymous with elections, taking your dog to the polling booth.

The hashtag #dogsatpollingstations has reappeared on social media today as people across England, Scotland and Wales vote in local and mayoral elections.

Image copyright @lharrisonuk/Twitter
Image caption "Call this a walk?" asks Daisy

Building on trends seen during the 2015 general election and again during the EU referendum, the hashtag has been tweeted more than a thousand times since yesterday.

Image copyright @SallyHardman/Twitter
Image caption Finney and Molly look undecided about who to vote for

Since the polling booths opened early on Thursday morning people have been posting pictures of their posing pooches.

Image copyright @shimmy41a/Twitter
Image caption Looks like Herbie has cast his vote, although it looks like he's not ready to leave just yet
Image copyright @dmontfort/Twitter
Image caption This puppy looks like he still has some questions to ask
Image copyright Nina Spencer
Image caption We're guessing these two dachsunds want to vote for more plant pots in the garden
Image copyright Rev James Bissett
Image caption It looks like Sirius is serious about voting for the future of puppies all over the land

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Image caption This cheeky chappie seems happy enough in the sun
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By Rozina Sini, BBC's UGC and Social News Team

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