News Daily: Zoo-keeper killed by tiger named

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Image caption A tiger at Hamerton zoo - it is not known if this was the animal involved

Tributes to zoo-keeper killed in tiger incident

"All our thoughts and sympathies are with our colleagues, friends and families at this dreadful time," says a spokesman for the wildlife park where a zoo-keeper died after a tiger entered the enclosure she was in.

Rosa King, 33, was described as the "focal point" of Hamerton Zoo, Cambridgeshire, and a "shining light" among staff. The park remains closed, as police investigate what happened.

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How did leaders fare against Paxman?

Theresa May was asked whether she had changed her mind on Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn faced questions on his foreign policy views, as the Conservative and Labour leaders came up against a studio audience - and then Jeremy Paxman. Mrs May and Mr Corbyn didn't appear together during the Channel 4/Sky News event - that's not happening during this campaign.

SNP sets out plans for Scotland

The SNP launches its manifesto, with leader Nicola Sturgeon promising the party will be a "strong voice for Scotland at Westminster against Tory cuts". But we don't yet know exactly what the document will say about a second referendum on independence. The manifesto launch was delayed from last week because of the bomb attack in Manchester.

Full service back, says BA

It's been a miserable, frustrating weekend for thousands of air passengers, but BA says it's now operating a full schedule after the disruption caused by an IT glitch. "We will make sure that it doesn't happen again," said chief executive Alex Cruz. But BA's warning it "may take some time" to reunite all travellers with their bags.

Analysis: Why the UK election isn't exciting Americans

By Nick Bryant, in New York

It's not even accurate to call it a forgettable election. Most Americans, I feel confident in saying, aren't aware it's even taking place.

Read Nick's full article

What the papers say

Several newspapers lead on the death of zoo-keeper Rosa King. "All hell broke loose," the Daily Star quotes one visitor to Hamerton Zoo as saying. "It was total panic." Her colleagues were "too distressed to talk", reports Metro. Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn's appearances before a TV audience, and then Jeremy Paxman, also make the front pages, with the i describing them as "bruising".

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