London attack: The signs of solidarity being shared online

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People have taken to social media to post defiant messages of solidarity after the London Bridge attack.

"London Bridge will never fall down" and "I love London" are just some of the slogans being shared alongside the hashtag #prayersforLondon.

image copyrightLesco Griffe

Cartoonist Lesco Griffe posted this illustration bearing the famous British motto, while novelist Tony Parsons was among those who posted this "quote of the day" sign from a London Tube station.

image copyrightTony Parsons

Many Brits on Twitter also took exception to a report from the New York Times that the UK was "reeling" after being the victim of two terror attacks in two weeks.

Author JK Rowling warned people not to "confuse grief with lack of courage", while others turned to photographs from the aftermath of the Blitz air raids in London during World War Two to show what they thought.

image copyrightJK Rowling
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Twitter users responded to the New York Times with British wit.

The hashtag #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling began trending with people describing inane things that angered them.

Guardian journalist Olivia Solon wrote: "People who stand stand to the left on the Tube escalator."

Kate Devlin wrote: "A pause longer than four seconds on Radio 4."

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Others posted messages of solidarity and love for the city alongside tributes to the emergency services.

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Many vowed they would not be put off from visiting the capital.

Jim Crozier from south-east London wrote: "I am going to a concert in central London tonight. I am not afraid to go. I will not be put off. #staystronglondon #LondonAttacks."

Canadian expat Lisa Durbin, who lives in Cambridgeshire, said: "We are going into London today with the kids. I want to say "I am not afraid", but having to explain this to my kids? My stomach hurts."

Londoner Caterina Giordo, who is originally from Rome, tweeted: "London gives an opportunity to everyone. It doesn't matter where you come from. It will always be open. LONDON IS NOT AFRAID. We are London."

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