News Daily: Syria attack warning and NHS blunder

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Image caption Residents of Khan Sheikhoun began burying the victims of the incident

The US has warned Syria's government it will pay a "heavy price" if it launches another chemical attack. In a statement, the White House said it had identified "potential preparations" for action by President Bashar al-Assad's regime that could result in the "mass murder of civilians".

In April, the US launched an air strike against a Syrian military base following a suspected nerve gas attack on the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun. President Assad has said his forces were not behind the attack, in which dozens of people died.

DUP to back May's Conservatives

It's taken more than a fortnight, but the Conservatives have agreed a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party to back Theresa May's minority government. The price for the support in Parliament of the DUP's 10 MPs? An extra £1bn for Northern Ireland over the next two years. Under the "confidence and supply" arrangement, the DUP will line up behind the government in key votes, such as on the Queen's Speech and Budgets, as well as Brexit and security matters. Mrs May called the deal a "very good one" for the UK, but Labour's Welsh First Minister, Carwyn Jones, said it was a "straight bung".

Analysis: The price of holding power

By Laura Kuenssberg, political editor

The DUP will have a "coordination committee" - a frequent direct line to the top of the Conservative Party, all with the chance of going back for more in two years. Who knows what will have happened by then?

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Time running out, NI parties warned

Ireland's foreign minister has urged Sinn Fein and the Democratic Unionist Party to get on with reaching an agreement on restoring power-sharing in Northern Ireland. Simon Coveney said both sides had to compromise before Thursday's deadline, and be at least close to a deal by Tuesday night. A sitting of the Northern Ireland Assembly is scheduled for Thursday at midday, which could involve the election of a first and deputy first minister - but only if there's an agreement.

NHS mail blunder 'put at least 1,700 at risk'

An administrative error meant thousands of patient records for NHS England were put into storage, putting at least 1,700 people at risk of harm, a report says. The National Audit Office found cancer test results, child protection notes and medication advice had been among the documents that went missing between 2011 and 2016.

What the papers say

There's much discussion of the Conservative-DUP deal, with the Daily Telegraph saying the extra £1bn in funding promised to Northern Ireland is "just the start" and that the DUP will be "back for more". The Guardian reports that Theresa May faces a backlash from politicians in Scotland, Wales and parts of England, while the Daily Mirror calls the agreement a "bribe". Meanwhile, the Daily Mail says some head teachers sent out anti-Conservative messages during the general election campaign, in contravention of official guidance.

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Today Housing 2017, Europe's largest housing event, begins in Manchester. It runs until Thursday.

16:00 England take on Germany in the semi-final of the Euro Under-21s football tournament, in Tychy, Poland.

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