News Daily: Overcrowded skies, and drug and drink exclusions

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UK skies getting overcrowded, controllers warn

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It's expected to be the busiest day of the year for air UK traffic controllers, who will have to handle more than 8,800 flights. And they're warning that things will only get busier in the future, arguing that, unless systems are drastically modernised, they'll struggle to cope.

National Air Traffic Control Service director Jamie Hutchison said the UK could "soon reach the limits of what can be managed without delays rising significantly". The Department for Transport is launching a consultation on what to do to ensure crowded skies don't become unmanageable.

More school exclusions over drink and drugs

School exclusions in England for drug and alcohol-related issues reached a record level last year, government statistics show. Some 9,250 were handed out for this reason in 2015-16, with another 2,140 exclusions for sexual misconduct. "Schools need to make sure they have a drugs policy in place to deal with this issue," said Michael O'Toole, of the charity Mentor UK, "but at the same time we need to make sure those children who are excluded for drug offences don't suffer in the long term."

Apology demanded after airport terror stop for reading Syrian book

A British woman says she is going to court to get an apology from tour operator Thomson after she was questioned by counter-terrorism police for reading a book on Syrian art while on a plane. Faizah Shaheen's lawyers told the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme she believes she was singled out when she arrived at Doncaster Airport because of her race. Ms Shaheen, a Muslim whose work in mental health care in part involves looking for the signs of radicalisation in young people, said she had "felt upset and distressed". Thomson said it was "really sorry if Ms Shaheen remains unhappy with how she feels she was treated", but added that its crews were "encouraged to be vigilant and share any information or questions with the relevant authorities".

OJ Simpson to be freed

He's served nine years in a Nevada prison for armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and 10 other offences during a confrontation at a Las Vegas hotel in 2007. But former American Football star and actor OJ Simpson is to be freed in October, after he was granted parole. Simpson was acquitted in 1995 of the murders a year earlier of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

Analysis: Following Europe's great migration

By Matthew Price, Chief correspondent, BBC Radio 4 Today

Adam left Darfur in 2012, made his way to Libya, and spent some years there. But as that country crumbled, he felt propelled onwards, to Europe. He followed the route so many take. Sicily to Ventimiglia in northern Italy, on to Paris, then Calais. Finally Britain. Only, it was not "finally".

What the papers say

Brexit dominates, following the conclusion of a round of UK-EU talks. The Times reports that Prime Minister Theresa May is ready to offer EU citizens free movement for two years after Brexit, while the Guardian puts the timescale at four years. Meanwhile, a photograph of the BBC's Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker on holiday features on some front pages, with the Daily Star saying he is defending his £1.8m salary. And the Daily Express reports that researchers have discovered snoring can put people at greater risk of developing dementia.

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Today Buckingham Palace's State Rooms open for the summer, hosting an exhibition of gifts received by the Queen during her reign.

11:15 The longest stage of this year's Tour de France - covering 222.5km (138 miles) from Embrun to Salon-de-Provence - starts.

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1969 The US's Neil Armstrong becomes the first man to walk on the Moon.

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