News Daily: North Korea defiant and Storm Harvey curfew

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North Korea defiant after missile launch

After firing a missile over Japan, North Korea has followed up with some threatening language. The country's government said the act was simply "the first step" of its military operations in the Pacific, implying there are plans for further launches.

The United Nations Security Council unanimously condemned North Korea's action, although two of its members - Russia and China - apportioned some blame to US activity in the region for increasing tensions. The missile, a domestically made Hwasong-12, was launched on Tuesday and crossed Japan's northern Hokkaido island, triggering public alerts to take cover, before landing in the sea.

Analysis: Can the world live with a nuclear North Korea?

By Jonathan Marcus, diplomatic correspondent

It is peculiarly isolated from the international system and despite its bluster, it is fundamentally a weak and failing regime. And - unlike Israel, India and Pakistan - its nuclear weapons are not solely intended to deter regional rivals. It seeks a capacity to strike the United States itself.

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Storm Harvey: Houston imposes curfew

As authorities look to deal with looting in the wake of damage caused by Storm Harvey, the US city of Houston has imposed a curfew. It will run from midnight to 05:00 for an indefinite period. Thousands of people have fled their homes in search of emergency shelter amid severe flooding, with rainfall expected to continue. President Donald Trump visited Texas on Tuesday, calling the storm "epic", but adding that the state could "handle anything". Here's footage of one woman being rescued by helicopter from the flood waters.

Scottish Labour leader quits

Kezia Dugdale, Labour's leader in Scotland, has resigned, saying the party needs someone with "fresh energy, drive and a new mandate". A past critic of Jeremy Corbyn, she denied suggestions her decision was due to pressure from his supporters to move on. "I wish her well for the future," tweeted Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

What the papers say

North Korea's firing of a missile over Japan leaves the country "on the brink" of further retaliation from the West, Metro reports. The Daily Express employs the same verbal formulation in its headline, while the Daily Mail devotes several pages to the question "What should the West do?" Elsewhere, the Sun describes Premier League striker Andy Carroll's "gun terror", after he told a jury how he fled from a gun-wielding biker who tried to snatch his £22,000 watch at traffic lights. And the i says low-paid workers face a pensions contribution "timebomb".

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10:00 United Nations inquiry on human rights violations in Venezuela issues its report.

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