From high fashion to high-vis jackets

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Ex-England captain Wayne Rooney is preparing to do 100 hours of community service for a drink-driving offence.

Removing graffiti, clearing wasteland, picking litter and maintaining park football pitches are among the jobs the multi-millionaire could be ordered to do.

People given these types of "community payback" sentences usually serve it in their local area and wear a high visibility vest during the work.

Rooney is not the first famous person ordered by court to put on one of these vests and pay something back to the community. Here are some of the others.

Singer Boy George

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Boy George was mobbed by the media when he swept streets in New York as part of a five-day community service sentence in 2006.

Wearing a fluorescent jacket, Boy George was issued with a shovel, broom and plastic bags at a depot in Manhattan's Lower East Side.

The former Culture Club frontman, whose real name is George O'Dowd, was moved to a fenced-off area after only 30 minutes when the press attention became too much.

He had earlier made light of the punishment by saying that he had "always been a scrubber".

The singer had been found guilty of wasting police time earlier that year.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell

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On her final day of community service, Naomi Campbell made a memorable exit wearing a full length silver Dolce & Gabbana gown

Another British celebrity who completed community service in New York was Naomi Campbell, who received a five-day sentence in 2007 after pleading guilty to assault for throwing a mobile phone at her maid.

The model turned up in heels at the Department of Sanitation in Manhattan, where she completed her work.

On her final day she made a memorable exit wearing a full length silver Dolce & Gabbana gown. She got into a Rolls Royce and headed off to Elton John's 60th birthday party.

Pop singer George Michael

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George Michael addressed the press during his community service in 1998

Pop icon George Michael was ordered to carry out 80 hours of community service in 1998, after he was convicted of a "lewd act" in a Los Angeles lavatory.

The singer volunteered in the kitchen and delivered meals as part of his unpaid work at AIDs charity Project Angel Food in LA.

He later referenced the public toilet incident and his community service in the song "Outside", singing: "I'd service the community, but I already have you see."

Footballer Joey Barton

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Joey Barton arriving at court in 2008

The footballer did some litter-picking in Newcastle after he was ordered to carry out 200 hours of community service for assaulting a Manchester City team-mate in 2007.

Barton, who was at Newcastle United at the time of his sentencing, was also given a four-month suspended sentence for two years.

Leicester City footballer Danny Simpson

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Simpson was part of Leicester City's Premier League title-winning side

The footballer was ordered to do 300 hours of unpaid work after he was convicted of assaulting his ex-girlfriend in 2015.

He volunteered at an Age UK charity shop in Greater Manchester - where he arrived for work in a £200,000 Lamborghini.

The millionaire was reportedly seen helping to sort bundles of clothes and books donated to the shop.

TV presenter Kirsty Gallacher

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The TV presenter was ordered to carry out 100 hours of unpaid community work earlier this month, after she admitted drink-driving in Berkshire.

The 41-year-old, of Virginia Water, Surrey, was also banned from driving for two years.