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Business leaders call for swift Brexit transition deal

Prime Minister Theresa May will update MPs later on how last week's European Union summit - at which Brexit was the main point of interest - went. And, amid reports that France is showing the most hardline stance of all the member states over the UK's "divorce bill" for leaving the EU, Brexit Secretary David Davis will go to Paris for extra talks.

Meanwhile, Britain's five biggest business lobbying groups are writing to Mr Davis to call for an urgent transition deal, keeping trading relations as similar as possible for the immediate period after Brexit happens in 2019. The draft letter, seen by the Guardian and Sky News, says firms and political leaders should have "enough time to make the changes needed".

The EU maintains that discussions with the UK on future trade can't happen until issues including the UK's leaving payment are resolved. But a government spokesman said "real and tangible progress" was being made.

Would a Brexit transition deal - which Mrs May has already promised to work for - buy more time for talks to continue, if necessary? BBC Reality Check correspondent Chris Morris takes a look.

£21.50-a-day charge for some London drivers

London Mayor Sadiq Khan wants to reduce vehicle emissions in the city so, from today, the owners of the most polluting cars cars, vans, buses, coaches and lorries will pay £21.50 a day for driving in the congestion charge zone. This includes an extra fee of £10 on top of the normal charge. It largely applies to older vehicles. Opponents warn this will unfairly penalise poorer drivers.

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Call to cut use of antibiotics

By 2050, drug-resistant infections are expected to kill more people around the world than cancer. So, Public Health England is advising that more patients should be sent home for rest - and not given antibiotics - in an effort to stop the rise of these "superbugs". Antibiotics are vital in cases of severe infections such as sepsis, pneumonia and bacterial meningitis, but PHE says antibiotics are not essential, and shouldn't be expected, for every illness.

How real is the threat of returning IS fighters?

By Dr Lorenzo Vidino, George Washington University

Foreign fighters have been over-represented among militants making last, desperate stands in the battles of Mosul and Raqqa. And many of them are now being tried in Iraqi courts, creating legal and moral dilemmas for many of their countries of origin, as some may face the death penalty. However, many other fighters have been leaving the "caliphate", mostly through the 822km (510-mile) border between Turkey and Syria.

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What the papers say

The Times reports that Chancellor Philip Hammond is facing a rebellion among Conservative MPs ahead of the Budget, with some branding him "toxic" because of differences over Brexit. Meanwhile, the Daily Mirror says 50 children a week are being referred to "sex-change" clinics and the Sun reveals that the Foreign Office has faced ridicule for attempting to ban the term "pregnant women" for fear it could "offend transgender parents". And, although it might seem somewhat passé as a scare tactic, the Daily Star tells its readers that "killer clown yobs" are targeting children in the build-up to Halloween.

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