Workers share sexual harassment stories

media caption"Officer silenced me with flight offer"

People have been sharing their stories of sexual harassment at work against a backdrop of claims against high profile figures.

Allegations including rape, sexual assault and unwanted touching of minors have come to light.

Speaking to the Victoria Derbyshire programme Rebecca Crookshank, who used to be in the RAF, described her deployment to the Falkland Islands aged 20.

She said it had taken her 15 years to talk about her harassment.

As the only woman sent to a base in the mountains, Rebecca describes how she was "moonied" when her flight came in and the initiation ceremony to which she was subjected.

She describes how her complaint was met with an "offer of a flight" to secure her silence.

media caption"Told to touch myself at a casting"

Model Aaron Lesta Lopez has been harassed by a casting director several times - he said he is slapped on the bottom when he sees him.

He was called to a shoot - without being told it was being held at the director's home - and told he could "touch yourself" on camera.

media caption"I didn't tell this man not to do that - I froze"

Michelle Russell has been a nurse for 30 years but unable to work for the last two after being subjected to a sexual assault.

She says it escalated from being asked for a phone number to physical touching.

She describes how she has lost her pay and been banned from talking to colleagues.

media caption"He said this is the room where we have sex with employees"

At 18, Becka Hudson says she was subjected to a torrent of harassment from her manager.

Working a zero-hour contract as a waitress, she described how he slapped her bum and called her names.

It reached a tipping point when on one shift she was taken to a private room and told "this is the room where we have sex with employees".

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