News Daily: Fallon fallout, and will interest rate rise?

By Justin Parkinson
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May set to name Fallon replacement

Theresa May is looking for a new defence secretary, after Sir Michael Fallon became the first politician to resign amid allegations of inappropriate behaviour at Westminster. Sir Michael - who has confirmed he was rebuked by journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer for putting his hand on her knee during a dinner in 2002 - said his behaviour might have "fallen short" of "high standards" expected in the military, over which his former department has control.

He added that "what might have been acceptable 15, 10 years ago is clearly not acceptable now". BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg said sources close to Sir Michael did not believe he was "some kind of predator".

New York truck attack suspect charged with terrorism

An Uzbek immigrant has been charged with causing the deaths of at least eight people following the truck attack in New York. Sayfullo Saipov, a 29-year-old former Uber driver, is also accused of providing material support and resources to the Islamic State group. US President Donald Trump has tweeted that Mr Saipov, if found guilty, should face the death penalty - although this has been abolished in New York State. Here's what we know - and don't know - so far about the attack, and here's what we've learned about the victims.

Will the interest rate go up?

The last time the Bank of England increased the interest rate - to 5.75%, incidentally - was in July 2007. Then the financial crisis struck and it nosedived as part of an effort to stimulate the economy. Many pundits say the Bank is likely to raise the rate again today, probably from 0.25% to 0.5%. The decision is due at midday, with savers and mortgage holders waiting to find out if they're going to be better/worse off. Amid the excitement, why not take a look back at monetary policy over the last decade?

What should happen to IS fighters in Syria and Iraq?

By Imogen Foulkes, Geneva

Citizens and survivors of terror attacks in Paris, London, or New York are understandably nervous about the prospect of individuals who joined so-called Islamic State returning home once the battle for the caliphate is lost. An estimated 30,000 foreign fighters are believed to have joined IS. The security services view even a few hundred returning to Europe as a huge challenge: putting them in jail risks further radicalisation, but allowing them to go free will almost certainly involve the police in round-the-clock surveillance work.

What the papers say

Sir Michael Fallon's resignation is on every front page, with the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail both saying the Westminster scandal has claimed its "first scalp". The word "sleaze" appears in several newspapers and the Sun uses the headline: "Fallon his sword." Meanwhile, the Financial Times calls his departure a "heavy blow" for Prime Minister Theresa May, quoting a Downing Street source as saying there will not be a cabinet reshuffle as a result.

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Today Mexico celebrates the end of the Day of the Dead, with millions of revellers taking to the street to honour the departed.

17:30 The world premiere of the film Murder on the Orient Express takes place at London's Royal Albert Hall, with stars including Penelope Cruz, Dame Judi Dench, Johnny Depp, Daisy Ridley and Olivia Colman expected to attend.

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1917 The Balfour Declaration, in which the British government endorses the establishment of "a national home for the Jewish people" in Palestine, is issued.

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