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Damian Green computer porn claims: 'Thousands' of images viewed

A former Scotland Yard detective has told BBC News he was "shocked" by the amount of pornography viewed on a parliamentary computer seized from the office of Damian Green. Neil Lewis said "thousands" of thumbnail images containing legal pornographic material had been found nine years ago on a desktop device in the Westminster office of Mr Green - who is now first secretary of state (Theresa May's deputy). Mr Lewis examined the computer during a 2008 inquiry into government leaks and has not spoken publicly before. Mr Green, Conservative MP for Ashford, Kent, has denied the allegations, saying he never watched or downloaded such material on the computer.

Irish border: Brexit committee says solution doubtful

What will happen to the border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic after Brexit? It's one of the big questions ahead of the UK leaving the EU, and has been a source of contention during negotiations. Now, a group of MPs - The Committee for Exiting the EU - says the UK government's suggestion that technology can be used to create a "frictionless border" is "untested" and "to some extent speculative".

Meanwhile, BBC Europe editor Katya Adler reports that, if the EU gives the go-ahead for trade talks between itself and the UK over the next few days, they may take a while to get under way. She says Brussels wants a "period of reflection" in January for both sides to work on their positions.

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Harry and Meghan carry out first royal duty

It's been quite a week for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, with the world's media hanging on every detail of their forthcoming wedding. Later, the couple will take part in their first joint official engagement, visiting Nottingham for a World Aids Day charity fair and a discussion with head teachers about stopping youth violence - a cause the prince has supported for several years.

England find out World Cup opponents

They qualified easily enough, but England will face a far sterner challenge when the World Cup begins in Russia next summer. The group-stage draw takes place from 15:00 GMT and Gareth Southgate's team - who are in the second-ranked pot of eight sides - could face Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Germany, France or Belgium in one of their early matches. Whatever happens, Southgate has insisted his side will not "write off" its chance of winning the tournament. The BBC will have live coverage of the draw on TV, radio and online. Here's an explainer of how the whole thing works.

The activists who want to change the world... using handicrafts

By Kirstie Brewer, BBC Stories

The term "craftivism" was first made popular by US writer and crafter Betsy Greer in 2003, and the movement has steadily gained momentum since then. The "pussy hats" knitted for the women's march a day after Donald Trump's inauguration are a famous example of the craftivist's art. It's the ultimate non-threatening action, and this is entirely deliberate.

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What the papers say

The row over Donald Trump's retweeting of videos posted by the far-right Britain First group is given lots of attention. The Times reports that Britain First says it has increased support since the US president's actions, while the i describes the "special relationship" between the UK and US as being "in tatters". Elsewhere, the Daily Telegraph leads on the UK being issued a warning by a Bank of England official over borrowing levels. And the Daily Express says a daily matchbox-sized portion of cheese can help fight heart disease.

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