The 'supermoon' celestial wonder seen across the UK

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The supermoon between a house and tree appearing to be close to the groundImage source, Allan Ballard
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This weekend's "supermoon" was the last opportunity to see one in 2017, shown here over Ladbroke, Warwickshire, courtesy of Allan Ballard.
A shot of a bright orange supermoonImage source, Malcolm Bawn
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Malcolm Bawn was in South Shields looking towards the North Shields lighthouse at the mouth of the River Tyne when he saw the supermoon in bright orange.
Image source, Terry Godbert
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The supermoon phenomenon happens when the Moon reaches its closest point to Earth, known as a perigee Moon. Terry Godbert was in Poulton le Fylde, Lancashire when he took this photo on Sunday.
Image source, Carl Harlott
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The moon appeared 7% larger and 15% brighter, as a break in the cloud allowed Carl Harlott to take this image in Ipswich.
Image source, Tika Walker
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While the difference in size is barely noticeable to the human eye, the increased brightness appears clear from Tikka Walker's image of the Moon over Leominster.
Image source, Shaun George
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The clarity and closeness of the Moon allowed Shaun George in Milton Keynes to take this photo with nothing more than a camera and a tripod.
Image source, Karli Franklin
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While Karli Franklin took this picture on Sunday evening at the Christmas light trail at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire.
Image source, Frank Gardner
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BBC Security Correspondent Frank Gardner took this photo of aircraft contrails on the supermoon on Monday morning.
Image source, Morris Agaba
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This phenomenon was not unique to the UK, as Morris Agaba took this picture from Kamurasi Primary School grounds in Masindi, Uganda.

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