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Trump's state visit to UK 'still on'

The recent row on Twitter between Donald Trump and Theresa May - over the US president's posting of videos by a far-right group - has "probably" been "misinterpreted", the US ambassador to the UK has said. Woody Johnson told BBC Radio 4's Today programme the relationship between the two countries was still "very, very good".

There have been calls for Mr Trump's state visit next year to be cancelled after he retweeted inflammatory videos by the Britain First group last month. Mrs May has called the move "wrong", with Mr Trump responding that the prime minister should "focus on the destructive radical Islamic terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom" rather than on himself.

But Mr Johnson explained that the president was not one for "namby-pamby" discourse or afraid to "ruffle feathers". Asked whether the state visit - which involves the Queen hosting Mr Trump at Buckingham Palace - would go ahead, he replied: "Absolutely, I think he will come." No date has yet been set for the trip. Here's a look at Mr Trump's Twitter "filter".

Icy conditions continue across UK

There's no thaw just yet. The UK has endured another night of sub-zero temperatures, with the AA warning that driving conditions are likely to remain hazardous and the Met Office predicting more snow in many parts of the country. In some places thermometers went as low as -15C overnight. But things are expected to get a little warmer as Tuesday progresses, albeit with patches of freezing fog lingering. Hundreds of schools are shut - here's why. And use our calculator to see how cold it is where you are.

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US group raises doubts about Brexit and UK trade

A US think tank says almost all future possible trading relationships between the UK and the EU after Brexit would be less favourable than if the UK stayed in the EU. The Rand Corporation suggests that no deal being achieved would be the worst option. Theresa May has said she expects talks on the future EU-UK trade relationship can begin at this week's Brussels summit, telling MPs on Monday she wanted "a deal that is right for the UK".

The dangers of sleep-driving

By Dr Guy Leschziner, London Bridge Hospital

Shortly after moving to the UK from Canada, Jackie was lodging with an elderly woman. "One morning she asked, 'Where did you go last night?'" Jackie says. Jackie said she had not gone anywhere. "Well, you went out on your motorbike," the landlady replied.

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What the papers say

There's a variety of front-page stories. The Daily Telegraph leads on reports that rail passengers are being denied the chance to buy cheap tickets over the Christmas break. The Times focuses on Theresa May coming under pressure to toughen the law so social media firms allowing racist, extremist or sexual abuse content to be published are fined. Meanwhile, the Daily Mirror says the UK is currently "colder than Moscow".

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Is this the French right's answer to Macron?


Today Harry Potter author JK Rowling becomes a Companion of Honour for services to literature and philanthropy, in a ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

08:00 French President Emmanuel Macron hosts a climate summit in Paris, marking the second anniversary of the agreement reached in the city on greenhouse gas emissions.

19:00 The UN Security Council is briefed on the situation facing the Rohingya people in Myanmar.

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