News Daily: Trump-Putin summit and Greening Brexit attack

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Political strongmen meet

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The eyes of the world will be on Helsinki today when the US president and his Russian counterpart meet face to face. There's no formal agenda, but the two men are expected to discuss nuclear proliferation, the war in Syria and alleged Russian meddling in US democracy. On Friday, 12 Russians were charged with hacking during the 2016 presidential election - read more about that.

Donald Trump says his expectations ahead of the summit are low - but the BBC's chief international correspondent Lyse Doucet says a dialogue between the two nations is crucial. And given the US president's penchant for disruptive diplomacy, she adds, he could announce unexpected concessions and startle allies and advisers alike. Read more on why Monday's meeting is a big deal.

The Helsinki summit is the final leg of a tumultuous tour for Mr Trump. First, he claimed to have forced other Nato leaders to agree to spend more on defence - they weren't so sure. And, with a backdrop of protests and giant inflatable babies, he visited the UK and inserted himself into the middle of the Brexit debate.

May's plan 'a fudge'

Speaking of Brexit, just as the dust settles after Donald, Theresa May wakes up today to a call for a second referendum from a senior figure within her own party. Justine Greening, her former education secretary and a Remain backer, labels the prime minister's proposed Brexit deal "the worst of both worlds", and says the final decision should be given back to the people. In case you're not fully briefed, here BBC Reality Check's Chris Morris picks out the key bits of that plan.

Crucial Parliamentary votes on Brexit will be held this week - Mark D'arcy has more - but for her part today, the PM is very much pushing the positives. As she officially opens the Farnborough International Airshow, she'll insist her deal will safeguard millions of jobs in the aerospace industry.

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Prince pictured

Four new photographs have been released to mark Prince Louis's christening - go on, have a look. Celebrity photographer Matt Holyoak took the shots after the 11-week-old royal was baptised by the Archbishop of Canterbury at St James's Palace last week. In one, big sister Charlotte holds his hand.

How two strangers founded Dropbox and made billions

By Will Smale, BBC Business

Drew Houston says it felt as if he had just two weeks to find a complete stranger to marry. Back in 2007 the then 24-year-old was desperate to secure funding to get his idea for a cloud storage business up and running. One of Silicon Valley's most prestigious backers of new start-ups - Y Combinator - was prepared to take a gamble on Mr Houston and Dropbox, but there was one catch - it demanded that he get a business partner. Mr Houston's problem was that he was a one man band at the time.

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What the papers say

Brexit dominates once again, with Justine Greening's call in the Times for a second EU referendum described by the paper as "a huge blow" to Theresa May. The Sun focuses on the resignations and rebellions in the Tory ranks, and says Mrs May's allies are engaged in a frantic bid to shore up her leadership. The Daily Telegraph agrees that she's "in a fight to preserve her premiership". The Daily Express, though, feels she has been repeatedly and mistakenly written off, but lived on to fight another day. Meanwhile, President Trump's description of the EU as a "foe" is, according to the Guardian, "another extraordinary diplomatic intervention" in "a controversial tour which has turned post-war Western relations inside out". The Daily Mirror calls him "Don the Devil" and bids the president "Goodbye and good riddance".

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