News Daily: Iran anger over sanctions and Lombok earthquake rescue

By Justin Parkinson
BBC News

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Iran sanctions: US accused of 'psychological warfare'

US sanctions against Iran have come into force, affecting currency, gold and cars among other things. This follows President Donald Trump's decision to pull out of the 2015 agreement aimed at reducing Tehran's nuclear activities in return for better trading relations. Mr Trump's described what was agreed as the "worst deal I've ever seen".

But his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani, has hit back, calling the US's actions "psychological warfare", which don't "make sense". Further sanctions are due to come into force in November.

The US is the only signatory to the 2015 agreement to have withdrawn. So, what was/is the deal all about? And we have some charts showing the likely impact of sanctions on Iran.

Rescuers search for Lombok earthquake survivors

Almost 100 people are known to have died in the 6.9 magnitude earthquake that hit the Indonesian island of Lombok, also leaving 20,000 people homeless. The search is on for survivors, with much of the focus now on the ruins of a mosque, from which two people have been rescued so far.

'Hothouse Earth' warning

Scientists are warning of far greater climate change in future. Researchers writing in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences say that, even if CO2 targets are met, the Earth could soon pass a threshold leading to extreme heat and sea level rises in coming centuries. Some scientists say these findings are themselves a little extreme; some do not.

How Pope Francis became a movie star

By Neil Smith, entertainment reporter

Wim Wenders has worked with such international luminaries as Mel Gibson, Alicia Vikander and rock band U2. Yet the German film-maker witnessed global recognition on a whole new level when he accepted an invitation from the Vatican to make a film about the Pope.

"The Pope has the same presence as some of the greatest movie stars I've worked with," says the director of Paris, Texas, Wings of Desire and Buena Vista Social Club. "But it comes from inside, from his convictions and his faith, and from his desire to talk to all of us. He doesn't have it because he's full of himself."

What the papers say

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The Times reports that the UK wants to extradite from Russia two suspects identified as perpetrators of the Wiltshire Novichok poisonings. But the Guardian says there are divisions in Whitehall over whether this could happen and the political response such a call might bring. Elsewhere, there's much coverage of the trial of England cricketer Ben Stokes for alleged affray. And the Daily Mirror reports on findings that getting more than eight hours' sleep a night could damage people's health.

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Today Previously unseen Monty Python sketches go on display at the British Library, having been discovered in Michael Palin's archives, which he donated in 2017.

09:30 The Office for National Statistics publishes in-depth analysis of death rates in the UK and selected other countries.

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