Halloween in pictures: Fun and frights from the night

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There is a spooky feeling in the air as the nights turn colder, the streets seem darker and the annual celebrations for Halloween are upon us.

But some of our favourite photos from this year's festivities are a treat....

Image source, PA

One of the hottest Halloween tickets in town is for TV presenter Jonathan Ross' party and Jimmy Carr arrived as a spooky ventriloquist's dummy.

Image source, PA

Comedian Keith Lemon and his wife Jill Carter dressed as the dark character Venom from Spider-Man and the flamboyant baddie the Joker from Batman.

Image source, PA

Actor Chris O'Dowd and presenter Dawn O'Porter went for the comical rather than the creepy, wearing matching whoopie cushion costumes.

Image source, PA

Scientist and presenter Brian Cox went for an old school sci-fi astronaut outfit - with alien in tow.

Image source, Getty Images

But it's not just celebrities who can impress with their costumes. Look at this gruesome twosome haunting Brighton Promenade earlier today.

Image source, PA

Locals in Gateshead were given a fright by this spook-tacularly decorated house, covered in ghosts, ghouls and a pumpkin for good measure.

Image source, @Pumpkinfreak_

And talking of pumpkins, gasp at this frightening design by Jamie Jones from Chester. He says it has become a "seasonal obsession" to go bigger and better each year - and he has definitely given us a scare!

Image source, PA

But to stop you having nightmares before you head to bed, enjoy this sweeter pumpkin picture from Blair Drummond Safari Park in Scotland.