News Daily: Rise in UK weather extremes and the 'unhealthiest' High Streets

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It's getting hotter...

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Well, it may not feel like it right now, but the UK has warmed up over the last decade. The hottest days have become hotter, warm spells have increased and the coldest days aren't as cold.

That's according to a new Met Office study which has concluded the UK has experienced more weather extremes over the past 10 years than in previous decades. It also recorded more of what it calls "tropical nights", where there's no respite from the heat and the mercury stays above 20C.

The hottest day in each year over the recent 10-year period was 0.8C warmer on average than it was when compared to earlier decades. The study looked at weather data from 1961 to 1990 versus the 10 years between 2008 and 2017. (So it doesn't include this year's sizzling summer.)

What's been driving all this change in the UK climate? The Met Office points to global warming, mainly driven by the use of fossil fuels.

Amber Rudd 'was let down'

A report into the resignation of the home secretary in April has concluded she was let down by her own officials and was "not supported as she should have been". When she quit the role Amber Rudd said she had "inadvertently misled" MPs investigating the Windrush scandal. She told the BBC last month that she'd been misled by some civil servants about immigration enforcement. While she admitted she should have done more to find out what was happening, she said when she started "really probing... it became evident that [officials] didn't know what was going on".

Is your High Street unhealthy?

Seventy of Britain's major towns and cities have been ranked according to the impact of their High Streets on the public's health and wellbeing. Those with more payday lenders, bookmakers, tanning salons and fast food outlets were ranked the worst by the Royal Society for Public Health. Outlets that were considered good for people included leisure centres, health services, libraries and museums and art galleries.

And the verdict is... Grimsby topped the unhealthy list ahead of Walsall and Blackpool, while Edinburgh, Canterbury and Taunton were classed as the healthiest.

The UK towns and cities worse off than 100 years ago

By Andrew Carter and Paul Swinney, Centre for Cities

Over the past century new industries and new ways of working have divided the UK's towns and cities into haves and have-nots. Some have managed to make the transition, while others have been unable to recreate the boom they enjoyed in the early 20th Century. Why have some cities managed to stride ahead, while others have fallen by the wayside?

What the papers say

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Photos of Brexit supporter Arron Banks appear on several front pages following the news he and his Leave.EU campaign are being investigated over alleged funding offences during the 2016 referendum. "Did Russian money help fund his £8m Leave campaign?" asks the Mail. The Financial Times says the criminal investigation into his donations will seek to answer "persistent questions" about the source of the money. Mr Banks has denied any wrongdoing. According to The Telegraph, the government's decision to delay a crackdown on high-stakes betting machines - prompting the resignation of sports minister Tracey Crouch - may trigger a "revolt" against Theresa May. And The Sun claims former PM David Cameron is mulling a return to front-line politics because he's "bored", according to an unnamed friend.

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