The people's Christmas cards revealed

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Rosie Ashforth, 40, and her partner Kyle Hartigan, 35, from Bristol made a card starring them and their adopted animals. The horses are called Bear Spirit and Moo and they are accompanied by Beryl and NessieImage source, Rosie Ashforth
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Rosie Ashforth and Kyle Hartigan from Bristol, UK made a card starring them and their adopted animals. The horses are called Bear Spirit and Moo and they are accompanied by Beryl and Nessie

What says Christmas more than the giant heads of your pets floating in space?

Christmas cards are more than robins, reindeer and snowmen - and people have been sharing their own festive efforts with the BBC.

Image source, @heyimali

Alison, 26, from Houston, Texas, USA with her dog Charlie and cat Hugo. She shared her home-made Christmas Card with people on Reddit and it proved very popular garnering almost one hundred thousand up votes.

Image source, Victoria Harrild-Jones
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Back row left to right: Bruce, Apollo, Nova, Boomer. Front row left to right: Mars, Aquila, Nellie, Skippy

Victoria Harrild-Jones, 40, used a photo of her Miniature American Shepherds for her Christmas Card this year. It may look like the puppies are in the middle of a blizzard but the photo was actually taken on their dining room table at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus, and then photo-shopped.

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Willard, Melissa and Cataro

Willard, 29, and Melissa, 27, happy at home with their six-year-old pet cat Cataro in Boone, North Carolina, USA.

Image source, Chris Gardner
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Left to right: Poppet, Casper, Diddy and Polo

Chris and Sam Gardner, both 50 and from Effingham, Surrey, UK have been making cards with their dogs for the last six years. Here their pets celebrate Christmas 2018.

Image source, Donna Vlahos
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Donna Vlahos incorporated a childhood picture of her father into her Christmas card

Donna Vlahos, from Nova Scotia, in Canada, crafted her card using a photo of her father ice skating with a childhood friend.

"The photo would have been taken in the late 1920s," Ms Vlahos told the BBC.

"Providence is helpful in framing our emotions around a photo. Little did my dad know, as a youngster on skates that winter day, that in 1942 he would be enlisted in the Canadian military, trained, and on his way to Britain and then to France.

"He did not go home to Nova Scotia until midway through 1947."

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