News Daily: Tenants' rights and knife crime predictions

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Renting: Government promises to end no-fault evictions

Currently landlords in England and Wales can evict tenants with as little as eight weeks' notice after a fixed-term contract ends. But the government is planning to change the law in England, allowing this to happen only where there are good reasons. Wales, where housing policy is devolved, has its own plans to follow suit.

Theresa May said this would give households the "long-term certainty and the peace of mind they deserve". The abolition of Section 21 notices would also create "open-ended tenancies".

The homelessness charity Shelter welcomed the change, but the National Landlords Association said its members would be forced to use the courts to get rid of troublesome tenants. We look at where the cost of renting hits young people the hardest.

And what problems, including rodents and lack of running water, do some students have to endure?

Knife crime: Can future attacks be predicted?

Amid concern over the number of knife attacks happening in London, one detective believes he has found a way of predicting where future violence is likeliest to happen. Det Ch Insp John Massey said more than two-thirds of the killings in 2017-18 occurred in neighbourhoods where knife attacks had taken place in the previous year. The study is believed to be the first to come up with such a clear correlation.

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Fraud: TSB promises to reimburse all victims

Bank customers tricked into transferring money directly from their account to a fraudster lost £354m last year - but only £83m of this money was returned. Many have complained. With this in mind, TSB has become the first UK bank to guarantee refunds for customers who fall victim to any kind of fraud. Here's how some criminals have been targeting young people using Instagram.

Surrey earthquakes: Is oil drilling causing tremors?

By William McLennan

When an earthquake struck Surrey in the early hours of 27 February, worried residents dialled 999. One caller feared there had been a plane crash and another believed they were being burgled.

"The whole bed was jerking back and forth," said Lynette von Kaufmann, 72. But unlike those on the phone to the police, she knew exactly why her home was shaking.

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What the papers say

Pictures of an ecstatic Tiger Woods celebrating winning the Masters golf tournament feature on several front pages, with the Times describing it as "one of sport's greatest comebacks". Elsewhere, the i reports that some Conservatives are hoping to change party rules to allow another challenge to Theresa May's leadership. Metro leads on former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith saying Mrs May should go before next month's European elections take place. But the Times says leadership rivals would prefer the PM to stay in Downing Street until more progress is made on Brexit. Meanwhile, the Daily Mirror reports on life for British forces in Afghanistan, and the Daily Star predicts "millions" will call in sick to work after watching the new series of Game of Thrones, which gets its first airing at 02:00 BST each Monday.

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