News Daily: Hunt's no-deal Brexit warning, and EU election fallout

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Hunt warns against no-deal Brexit 'suicide'

Contenders to be the UK's next prime minister are making their pitches to fellow Conservative members, a day after waking up to news of a disastrous European election performance. And after some candidates said the option of leaving the European Union without a deal must be retained, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt suggests his party would be committing "political suicide" by actively pursuing this alternative through a general election. Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Mr Hunt says the strategy would have Labour's Jeremy Corbyn in No 10 by Christmas.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove has a different focus, pledging to allow EU nationals living in the UK at the time of the referendum to apply free of charge for citizenship. International Development Secretary Rory Stewart tells the BBC he would make space for a national conversation on Brexit, while Housing Minister Kit Malthouse declares his intention to run via the Sun, describing himself as "the new face, with fresh new ideas".

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Watson: Labour Brexit stance cost votes

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson says confusion over the extent of his party's commitment to a referendum on any Brexit deal cost it "many hundreds of thousands" of potential votes in an EU election which saw Nigel Farage's Brexit Party sweep to prominence. As our graphs and charts show, the Liberal Democrats and Green Party - which have consistently backed a further referendum under any circumstances - gained support among Remain voters. If you're wondering where the results leave the country, our deputy political editor John Pienaar suggests things are just as uncertain as before.

Given the Brexit Party won the largest vote share despite having no manifesto and few detailed policies, other than leaving the EU as soon as possible, Reality Check's Chris Morris examines how the party's version of Brexit might look. Of course, polling went on in another 27 nations. See our country-by-country round-up for the headlines from each, and our graphic explainer for a sense of the bigger picture. Meanwhile, our Europe editor Katya Adler puts it all into context.

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Child among three dead in Japan knife attack

A group of schoolchildren waiting for a bus have been attacked by a knife-wielding man in the Japanese city of Kawasaki. At least 18 people were injured. Two of them are dead, an elementary school girl and a 39-year-old man. A suspect - a man in his 50s - reportedly stabbed himself in the neck and was later detained. He has also died from his injuries.

Inside the Warwick University rape chat scandal

By Dulcie Lee & Larissa Kennelly, BBC News

"Rape the whole flat to teach them a lesson," one message read. "Oh god. I would hate to be in the firing line if I had a vagina," said another. Anna - not her real name - was scrolling through hundreds of sexually violent messages on a Facebook group chat.

To her horror, she and her female university friends were mentioned dozens of times. The men writing the messages were - like Anna - studying humanities at Warwick University. But they weren't just her coursemates. They were her close friends.

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What the papers say

"Fallout" from the European elections dominates the papers, with the Brexit Party's Nigel Farage beaming out from several front pages. Some quote him saying he has his sights on No 10, while others focus on the "mess" that the UK's withdrawal from the EU has become. Meanwhile, several front pages preview the new series of ITV show Love Island, which will apparently feature a "smarter" line-up than previous seasons.

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The queue that claimed this woman's life

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09:30 Sarah Barrass, 34, and Brandon Machin, 37, to appear at Sheffield Crown Court, charged with the murder of Ms Barrass's two teenage sons in the Shiregreen area of the city on Friday.

17:00 UK Prime Minister Theresa May attends an informal working dinner of EU heads of state - her first public appearance since the European election results.

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