News Daily: Tension ahead of Nato talks and terror attacker's rehab 'untested'

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Nato leaders gather as alliance's cracks show

Fixed smiles will doubtless be in place for the traditional "family photograph" when Nato leaders meet outside London later for a three-hour formal meeting covering issues such as cyber-attacks and the strategic challenge posed by China. But at the highly choreographed gathering, intended to celebrate the defence alliance's 70th anniversary, there is no hiding the deep differences between members. While Boris Johnson, as host, is expected to highlight members' commitment to defend one another under a principle of "one for all, and all for one", US President Donald Trump criticised French President Emmanuel Macron's questioning of American commitment to the alliance. He said Mr Macron had been "very disrespectful" and said his description of Nato as "brain-dead" was "nasty".

As our video explains, disputes continue over members' commitment to funding the alliance, and Turkey's fight against Kurdish groups it considers terrorists but who were allies of other Nato members in Syria. Both topics were discussed when Mr Johnson hosted an "off-camera, one-to-one meeting" with Mr Trump in No 10 during a reception for world leaders, Downing Street says. The US president had earlier touched on the UK election by saying he could "work with any prime minister".

Bridge attacker rehabilitation scheme 'untested'

The effectiveness of counter-terrorism programmes attended by London Bridge attacker Usman Khan has not been fully tested, the BBC has learned. In prison, Khan completed a programme for people convicted of extremism offences. But while the Ministry of Justice published analysis suggesting a pilot project for the former was "viewed positively" by those who attended and ran the course, it has not completed any work to test whether the scheme prevents reoffending or tackles extremist behaviour. Neither has there been any evaluation of a course Khan took part in after his release last year.

Government officials say the schemes have not been operating for long enough for results to be assessed, but a spokesperson said all offender behaviour programmes were kept under constant review. Our home affairs correspondent Danny Shaw says critics of schemes that "are, in essence, experimental" point to a sex-offender programme "used for 25 years until research showed it increased the likelihood of reoffending". To understand why Khan was released, check out legal correspondent Clive Coleman's video explainer.

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Trump impeachment evidence 'overwhelming', report says

While Donald Trump is in London, back in Washington a Democrat-led report says the evidence for impeaching him is "overwhelming". The US president placed personal political interests above those of his country by trying to "solicit foreign interference" from Ukraine to help his 2020 re-election bid, it says. However, the White House insists the inquiry "utterly failed to produce any evidence of wrongdoing". Mr Trump, who says he's done nothing wrong, has described it as a witch-hunt. The House Judiciary Committee will consider the report - designed to lay out the case to remove Mr Trump from office - on Wednesday.

Campaigners fighting cruise lines over coral

By Vivienne Nunis, business reporter, BBC News

Hundreds of tourists in the Cayman Islands are disembarking from a fleet of small tenders from two enormous ships, anchored just off George Town harbour, that loom like giant white whales. But away from the holiday-makers heading for the island's famous Seven Mile Beach, tension is in the air. Cruise companies are leading a consortium - Verdant Isle - to build a £1900m new jetty and berthing facility on Grand Cayman.

It will make disembarking quicker and easier for tourists but it means dredging the harbour - destroying at least 10 acres (4ha) of coral reef. "There are so many different varieties of marine life but also coral, we have endangered species here which we have to protect and that's what's really at risk," says Nadia Hardie, the head of The National Trust for the Cayman Islands.

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What the papers say

The ongoing row about the status of the NHS in any future US-UK trade talks leads several papers. The Daily Telegraph and Daily Express quote US President Donald Trump saying America would not want the health service included in the talks even if "you handed it to us on a silver platter". But both the Guardian and i report Labour's Jeremy Corbyn - who points to leaked documents requesting "full market access" for US drug companies - saying: "If that's the case, why have these talks gone on for two years?" Read the full review.

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10:00 Opening statements to begin proceedings at an all-day meeting of Nato leaders at a hotel outside London.

14:00 The inquests of terror victims Saskia Jones and Jack Merritt, killed last week at Fishmongers' Hall, will be opened at the Old Bailey in London, followed by a separate hearing for knifeman Usman Khan.

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