Covid: Social care plans and schools return amid virus fears

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Here are five things you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic this Monday morning. We'll have another update for you this evening.

1. Social care plan faces Tory tax backlash

Prime Minster Boris Johnson is due to unveil his long-term plans for social care and the NHS. It's expected there will be billions of funding, with a government source saying an extra £5.5bn will be allocated to the NHS. This will, among other things, help the NHS tackle the backlog in the wake of the Covid pandemic. But if, as many fear, the funding will raised from increasing National Insurance contributions, the prime minister faces a backlash from his own Conservative MPs.

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2. Pupils return amid Covid fears

With no rules on social distancing or wearing face masks, this academic year is a step towards the normality ministers want. Yet as millions of pupils are return to classrooms in England and Wales after the summer holidays fears remain over coronavirus. Scientists warn Covid cases could rise, experts have not recommended jabs for healthy 12 to 15-year-olds and there are more infections compared to last year. But there are measures in place, which head teachers want to be kept under review. However, when Scotland's schools returned there was a faster rise in Covid cases despite social distancing measures staying in place.

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Students go back to school

3. How live music can tackle climate change

Swapping private jets for trains, generating more renewable energy at festivals and free public transport with gig tickets are a few of the recommendations for the music industry as live music returns following the pandemic. Scientists came up with those ways to reduce carbon emissions after poring over Massive Attack's last tour. Take closer look at what they found.

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4. Is it all over for business cards?

Mat Stringer used to hand out 250 business cards a year but over the past 18 months he's not handed out a single one. Millions were printed before the pandemic but since then sales have fallen, many people have changed how they work and there's a worry about spreading germs. So what does the future hold for the purse/wallet-sized contact card? We've investigated.

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5. World Cup qualifier is abandoned

The World Cup qualifiers are under way with the latest game taking place between Brazil and Argentina - but it was over in just five minutes. Brazilian health officials intervened and the match was abandoned after they objected to the participation of three Argentine players they believe broke quarantine rules. Read more here.

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And there's more...

As pupils return to school for the new term, with restrictions lifted for most, find out what measures are in place them Covid-safe.

Find further information, advice and guides on our coronavirus page.

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