Plymouth crash row man 'sending e-mail 45 miles away'

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David Flower said his car had been on the drive when the crash happened 45 miles away

A man from Cornwall is disputing involvement in a crash in Plymouth - claiming he was sending an e-mail at his home 45 miles (72km) away.

David Flower, 75, from Tintagel, has been accused by police of causing an accident in June and leaving the scene.

Mr Flower said he had been at home and that his wife had used the car to drive from their property 10 minutes after the incident in Plymouth occurred.

Devon and Cornwall Police said it was investigating his claims.

'Absolutely puzzled'

Police wrote to Mr Flower three weeks after the incident occurred on Wolseley Road at 0910 BST on 18 June 2010.

They said they were investigating possible charges of driving without due care and attention, not stopping at the scene of an accident and failing to report it.

Mr Flower said he did drive on the road occasionally but was "absolutely puzzled and very angry" at the accusations, because his Daihatsu car had been on his drive at the time.

He said his wife had taken it 10 minutes later to go her parents' house in Camelford, meaning it was impossible for it to be so far away in Devon, and that he had been sending an e-mail at about the same time.

He said: "How did this incident get checked? Was it somebody cloning my little car with my number plate? Was somebody causing trouble?"

Mr Flower said he had contacted his MP, North Cornwall's Dan Rogerson, and that Mr Rogerson had written to the chief constable about his concerns.

He said: "Whilst I have a lot of alibis, what would have happened if I was sitting indoors in Tintagel living on my own with no alibi. Where would I go?"

Devon and Cornwall Police said it was investigating Mr Flower's claims and would be able to clarify his position once those inquiries were completed.

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