Holiday firm Sun4U collapses: Your stories


The travel company Sun4U has collapsed leaving around 1,200 people abroad facing holiday chaos. In the UK many people who have booked upcoming holidays with the firm are trying to find out where they stand.

The Birmingham-based firm announced it had ceased trading on its website late yesterday.

Customers of the company contacted the BBC To share their experiences.

Kellie Bugby, Leicester - Due to go to Alcudia

media captionKellie Bugby's holiday with 34 family members is now in doubt

A large party of us are due to go on holiday to Alcudia on 31 August. The website won't tell me and I cannot find out for sure whether we have lost this holiday that our whole family was planning to go on.

It has cost us around £12,000 in total. It is so unfair, they must have known about this, so why keep invoicing us for the balances to be paid?

It is my first time off work all year as I run a community charity for local residents. They really do not care about the general public but hopefully I will find out tomorrow if we are still able to go.

Sue Barker, Crewe - Due to go to Marmaris

I booked this holiday in February and had paid up fully by Visa Debit at the end of July. We were due to be staying at the Gran Pasa in Marmaris.

They took £2700 off of us. Now I have been told that it could take up to 12 months to recover the money.

There are seven of us going from the ages of 71 to just 13 months. We were due to travel 6 October.

I now have to break it to them that this holiday will not be happening.

I have tried contacting Hotel Beds who the accommodation has been booked with, Bluebell transfers and Cosmos the airline, but I have got nowhere.

They willingly took the money off me when they knew they were going bust.

I honestly thought Dick Turpin was dead. How wrong was I - he worked for Sun4u.

Tom Hagan, from Co. Durham on holiday in Benidorm

I am on holiday with my extended family, in a group of four families. We arrived on Saturday. I heard about Sun4U when one of my sisters-in-law could not get back in to her room.

When she went down to reception, she was told that she will not be allowed back into her room until she pays up in full again. I had to pay again also, with great difficulty.

We have had to pay for another all-inclusive at a cost of 1100 euros. For the rest of the family, my other two sister-in-laws with their families who came out on Wednesday, it has cost them 1600 euros.

I paid for my holiday with a Visa debit card and I am worried that I will not get my money back.

Natalie Rutherford, Leicester - Due to go to Salou

I have just booked a long awaited holiday to Salou in Spain for myself, my partner and our two children who are eight and ten.

We were all really looking forward to it and had saved really hard. I haven't the heart to tell my kids we will not be going anymore!

I only booked it with Sun4U on Monday (9 August) so why, if they knew they were in trouble, were they still taking people's hard earned money?

I think it's a disgrace! What do I tell my kids?

More of your stories

I just cannot believe it - I woke up to the news this morning but for some reason I wasn't totally shocked as me and my husband's last holiday to Turkey was with Goldtrail who also went down the pan. We booked with Sun4u after seeing their ultra cheap deals on Teletext - it was too good to be true but their website seemed genuine and I had spoken to their admin staff over the phone so we thought we would have a smooth happy holiday to Malgrat de Mar in Sept all inclusive for a week!

We are in a state of shock, but what about the poor families stuck abroad and being told to pay up thousands of pounds - its disgusting! The UK travel industry is in tatters and not regulated properly. The government should be looking into this properly instead of just splashing money at the greedy banks willy-nilly!

We will have to try hard to get a refund and just have a staycation, a dull, grey holiday in an overpriced English resort but at this point we just want a break without stress! Mrs Abigail Donoghue, Barking, Essex

Okay so holiday firms can go bust... but what is completely unacceptable is that this type of thing can happen and leave people stranded. The whole framework for the way these holiday companies are structured needs to be changed immediately so that the consumer is PROPERLY protected. Consumer groups and the government need to get this shambles sorted out quickly. Jethro Penzance, Padstow

ABTA/CEGA need to look at the processes they have in place to deal with these events. One phone number, no queuing system (let alone a human to answer) and engaged ALL DAY - EVERY TIME! It really is pathetic and serves only to add to everyones frustration... Adrian, Manchester

Myself and three friends booked a package holiday with Sun4u on the 10 August to fly out to Benidorm, Spain on 2 September. We found out today that the firm went into liquidation literally 24 hours after we had booked! I do not know where I stand with money now or whether or not we are going on holiday. I am unable to get through to ABTA and with ATOL I am permanently on hold. I find it absolutely disgusting. Surely they knew the day before that they were going to go bust. I am only 20 years old and have never booked a holiday myself before and I certainly will not be doing so again! If any one has any information, advice and guidance that they could share with me please do. I cannot afford to lose this money. Rebecca Smyth, Bolton

Me and my fiancee arrived at Reus airport waiting to get greeted by someone from Sun4u as our hotel was to be allocated on arrival. Obviously no one was there to meet us. We tried calling the number but it just says they had ceased trading. Me and my partner were stranded at the airport overnight and the hassle we had today to get a hotel that had availability was unbelievable. It has been such a frightening experience not knowing what is going to happen. The most disgusting thing is they never wrote or emailed to let people know. It's shocking. John Mcleod, Glasgow

My sister's hen weekend is booked through Sun4U for two weeks time. We paid for our flights seperately which means we won't be covered by ATOL. We have spoken to our hotel who still have our reservation but nothing has been paid. There are 23 of us booked on an all inclusive basis so we didnt have to spend a fortune when we got there. Now it looks like we are going to have to pay for the hotel again! I am really upset and unsure as to whether we can even all afford to pay again. A complete nightmare! Bev Snyers, Liverpool