Police to give bikes to ex-offenders

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Police in Suffolk have announced plans to give recovered bicycles to prolific offenders,

Under the re-cycling cycles scheme, the Suffolk and Norfolk Probation Trust can apply for a cycle to be given to a prolific or other priority offender.

The Suffolk force said the scheme would give ex-offenders a means of transport so they can go out to find jobs.

Officers recover hundreds of lost, stolen or found bicycles every year, many of which are never reclaimed.

Holistic approach

It said each application by the Norfolk and Suffolk Probation Trust for a cycle would be looked at on a case-by-case basis.

Det Insp Richard Crabtree said: "Bikes will not be given to every PPO and are not to be seen as gifts.

"They will be on loan from the probation service to the PPO who will be responsible for their own cycle safety.

"This is a well-intended scheme and a holistic approach to assist individuals who, for whatever reason, have been on the wrong side of the law gain meaningful employment."

The scheme is to begin in Ipswich and, if successful, it may be rolled out elsewhere.

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