Threatened nuclear power plants 'saved'


The future of two nuclear power plants on Teesside and Lancashire have been secured for five years, it has been announced.

The plants in Hartlepool and Heysham have been earmarked by the government as suitable sites for new stations, securing 1,400 jobs.

French company EDF Energy will need to get planning permission to build new plants on the two sites.

Energy secretary Chris Huhne said public money would not be used.

British Energy (BE), said the two reactors had passed technical and economic evaluations, meaning they are safe to be used for the next five years.

Paul Newman, station director at Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station, said it was good news for workers at the plant the local community.

He said: "We typically invest £20m in the plant, and spend another £10m on maintenance every year and we'll be investing a further £50m over the next four years."

Both sites employ around 700 people, and if the new power plants go ahead, there will be around 350 local jobs created per site.

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