Nottingham viewers urged to prepare for analogue end

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People living in the Nottingham area are being urged to prepare for the digital TV switchover.

Digital UK is urging viewers to get ready for 30 March 2011, when analogue television will start to be turned off.

Latest research shows eight out of 10 households have already made the switch.

But roadshows are being launched across Nottingham to ensure no-one is left with a blank screen, with a detailed 20-page guide being sent to households.

Householders will need to check that their TV has a digital viewer built in or obtain an external digital box.

Extra help

The guides being issued include tips on retuning Freeview equipment and how to choose the right regional service in areas where signals overlap.

The Help Scheme will be writing to eligible older and disabled people, letting them know what help is available to convert one TV set to digital, including a choice of equipment, installation and aftercare.

This service is available for people aged 75 and over; or who are eligible for certain disability benefits; or registered blind or partially sighted; or living in care homes.

Peter Monteith, of Digital UK, said: "Most people have already made the switch to digital, but we know some people may leave it until the last minute, or may need a little extra advice."

Most viewers in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire get their signal from the Waltham transmitter, which begins the process on 17 August 2011.

A small area to the northwest of the city picks up from the Nottingham transmitter, which starts the switch on 30 March 2011.

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