More join East Midlands organ donor register


More than a million people are now signed up to the organ donor register in the East Midlands.

In 2011 the NHS is aiming to get more people to join the scheme by encouraging them to think about becoming donors.

More than 700 people are waiting for a transplant in the region.

Deirdre Cunningham, donor and recipient transplant co-ordinator, said it was important people let relatives know their attitude to becoming donors.

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"Ninety-five per cent of families will agree to organ donation when they know it was what their loved one wanted.

"The families who don't know are left with having to make that decision at a time when they've only just been told about the death of a loved one."

Vinod Prabhaker, who had a kidney transplant five years ago, campaigns for people to carry donor cards or sign the donor register online.

He said: "I think everybody should sign it, because it's a very, very noble cause."

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